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Top Choice Home Inspection is Wake Forest’s premier home inspection company.

Top Choice Home Inspection provides services to all of Wake county, some of Durham, Franklin county, and Johnston county.

A home inspection is a comprehensive, visual, & non-
invasive home inspection performed by a licensed inspector using a drone for the roof top, infrared for thermal changes and robot in the crawl space.

Home Inspection

Radon is a Radioactive gas that naturally occurs from break down in from rock, soil, and water that can move up into your home through cracks or hole. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer and a test can ensure the safety in your home.

Radon Testing

When building a new home its so important to make sure its inspected to ensure the plumbing, electrical, and other structural components behind the drywall is properly installed. With this inspection a thumb drive with multiple pictures can be provided along with a detailed report for future reference.

Pre-Drywall Inspections

This bundle is perfect for a new home that is still in pre-drywall construction phase or earlier that will include the Pre-drywall inspection, the actual home inspection, AND a free 11 month warranty inspection which is a $350 value.

New Home Construction Bundle

It’s always good to know if the work you paid for was done and done correctly. We can do a follow up after the recommended repairs are completed.

Repair Confirmation

Crawl spaces can be dark, tight, and hard to access. We utilize a crawl space robot with a high definition camera and video camera to access those areas.

Crawl Space Robot Inspection

The House, Our Inspection, Your Peace of Mind.

Whether you’re building, buying or selling, Top Choice Home Inspection licensed & insured home inspectors will provide complete, accurate information about your home from our thorough home inspection. Our honest and accurate home inspections will provide you peace of mind and the details you need to make successful and informed investments as a homeowner.

Top Choice Home Inspection uses the latest home inspection software to deliver you a visual, modern home inspection report that explains our findings in a way you can understand.


We provide quality service, professional & courteous inspections, and the most modern easy-to-read inspection report in the industry.


Our staff has years of experience with the latest inspection technology to provide quality service.


Certified & Insured. Our team is certified by InterNACHI and have performed more than 10,000 inspections.

More than just an inspection GUARANTEED.

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