New Home Construction Bundle

This bundle is perfect for a new home that is still in pre-drywall construction phase or earlier that will include the Pre-drywall inspection, the actual home inspection, AND a free 11 month warranty inspection which is a $350 value.

The pre-drywall inspection is a limited home inspection of the plumbing, electrical, and other structural components behind the drywall to ensure the proper installation. This inspection lasts between 1.5-2 hours depending on the size of the home, and is a limited inspection due the fact not all the systems are in their final connections. The home inspector will communicate with his clients of any items of concern that needs to be addressed prior to the drywall being installed. The future homeowner is more than welcome to tag along during this inspection to learn more about the structure making up their home. With this inspection a thumb drive with multiple pictures can be provided along with a detailed report for future reference.

A home inspection is a comprehensive visual, and non-invasive home inspection performed by a licensed home inspector. Our home inspector is a FAA licensed drone pilot which we use to inspect the roof tops using a high definition, GPS guided drone. We use thermal imaging technology which helps find invisible heat energy emitted from objects or systems in your home. By using this technology it helps to identify hidden defects that isn’t visible with the naked eye. Our crawl spaces are thoroughly inspected with the use of our robot using a high definition camera.Our inspections take 2.5 to 4 hours depending on various factors*. We love to have our clients there for questions and to help ease your mind during the last hour of the inspection. We prefer the last hour so we can focus on the detail and quality of service.*age, size, and year of homeWe recommend all home buyers and sellers to get a home inspection to know the condition of the home and receive that peace of mind. The 11 month warranty inspection is a vision inspection just before the builder’s warranty expires to find any structural defects in the home that might have happened during the home ownership process or were not found before. The inspector will observe the interior, exterior, garage, roof etc to find any abnormal issue for the past year and provide a written report so the home owners have something to provide the builder before the warranty runs out. This is usually a $350 inspection but with the bundle it is provided free of charge.