4 Points Home Inspection

A 4 points inspection is a limited, visual, and non-invasive home inspection to the 4 major components of a
home- Roof, mechanics, structure, and plumbing. Recommended for New home construction and pre-drywall.

· Our licensed inspector will inspect the roof using a drone to locate any defects or problems.
· The structure of the home includes the crawl space attic, exterior/interior, and electrical. Our inspector will use the infrared to find any heat energy being admitted, and crawl bot for in the crawl space.
· Mechanical are parts of the home which include HVAC system which our inspector will check to see if it is functioning properly at the time of inspection
· Plumbing- which the inspector will check to see if the fixtures are working properly, look for any active leaks in or around the water drain, and check the hot water heater to monitor functionality.
· This is a limited inspection not a full comprehensive inspection however, some clients are comfortable with that.